Green Hotels

Green hotels, new and old, are trumpeting astonishing colors of hospitality through integrating environmental building strategies into their design, construction, and daily operations. The prospect of the eco-hotel places equal emphasis on energy conservation, ecology, and community such that guests, staff and management are surrounded by a cleaner environment. This ultimate green experience will definitely be the number one choice for customers seeking to be in a healthy sound surrounding.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), each green hotel averages 26% less energy consumption than its non-green counterpart. In addition, green hotels emit 33% less carbon dioxide, offering cleaner air in its environment. These hotels also use 30% less indoor water and send 50-75% less solid waste to landfills and incinerators, thus helping in the conservation of natural resources.
Accordingly, hotels seeking to approach sustainability will reduce their energy bill and help in environmental sustainability while maintaining the same services to their customers yet with a healthier experience.

Green Hotels by G-Building
G-Building team (tourism experts included) will guide new or existing hotel owner and project team on all sustainability features resulting in operational savings, green pr, and healthier internal and external environments.


The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, LEED Gold Certified
• 80 % wastes recycled
• 30% energy use reduced
• 49 tons of CO2 emissions Saved.
• 25% water consumption saved


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