Green Banks & Commercial Buildings

Green banks are the present and the future. Big banks appear to be leading the change by setting an example in the fight against global warming. They are using various approaches to improve their environmental standing, including raising awareness, producing a tactical work plan and integrating green goals into people's responsibilities.

Green banks consider all social and environmental factors starting with their own premises. They employ a variety of strategies designed to reduce energy, such as ‘smart’ lighting, and water use and to create a healthy indoor environment for both employees and customers.

According to the USGBC, LEED certified green banks save up to 65% of electricity, up to 80% of water consumed, and increase their return on investment by 32%.

Green banks By G-Building

G building green bank experienced team will guide project team through certification resulting in operational savings, green pr , customer satisfaction, and environmental benefits

Deutsche Bank: Platinum LEED Certified
- 55% Reduction in Energy Use
- 89% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
- 43% Reduction in Water Consumption
- While recycling 98% of all Construction Waste


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