Green Government Buildings

Federal, state and local governments at all levels are shifting towards eco-friendly buildings with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of construction, operations and maintenance while keeping in mind future savings to taxpayers and improving public health.

A number of efforts have been undertaken by governmental entities to demonstrate sound cost-effective energy management and investment practices, in addition to the value of green technologies and sustainable designs. These initiatives are planned to increase the practice of green building and to make information on green buildings more readily available.

Governmental agencies are in fact playing a vital role in developing, advancing and broadening greener models for other governments as well as for the private sector.

Benefits of Green Government Buildings
• Enhance city construction: Governments can promote and transform the local market through implementing best practices in construction, operation and maintenance into their government-owned or leased buildings.
• Improve Savings: Over the life of the building, efficient use of operations (energy, water and waste) and maintenance will lower costs and result in significant savings. Implementing environmental practices also promotes savings to taxpayers.
• Save energy and reduce environmental impact: Green construction and operations radically reduce the building's carbon footprint.

• Create healthy work spaces: Improved air quality and increased natural light will result in improved health and better working spaces for staff and employees.
• Serve the public better: Building and operating green buildings promotes responsible use of taxpayer dollars to improve markets for environmentally friendly products and practices.

Green governmental offices by G-building
G-Building green engineers will review all designs of new and existing government buildings from a green perspective. Recommend the necessary changes by benchmarking against international sustainability building standards while keeping in mind cost effective solutions.

The American Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria was the 1ST Embassy to earn LEED Certification.
• 30% reduction in energy costs
• 21% reduction in water costs


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