Green Malls

Malls are mega-structures symbolizing rampant overconsumption and disposable of wastes. Recently, with the amplified and extended green awareness, Malls are shifting toward a greener formula which entails constructing and renovating to the highest quality, innovation in design and environmental standards. They feature a long list of green attributes that attract conscious consumers and businesses alike.

Benefits of Green Malls:
• The intelligent and efficient management systems of green malls projects will keep costs down in the long-term.

• The use of materials, design forms and construction processes will minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

• The healthy surrounding will attract individuals of all ages to experience a sound clean environment for shopping, eating and entertainment.

• The ecological philosophy of green malls will make it the first choice to green and socially responsible organizations, businesses, and investors.

• The infrastructure will significantly reduce the carbon footprints and CO2 emission.

Green Malls by G-building
G-Building team (retail consultants included) will guide owner and project team on the most cost effective ways to design, build, and maintain green malls.

Rocca al Mare shopping centre is the first building in the Baltic countries to be awarded with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certificate.

• Energy saving of 18.9 %
Water saving of 40 %


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