“Green” or “sustainable” buildings use eco-friendly features like energy, water, materials, and land much more efficiently than buildings that are built to code. They create a healthier work and living environment, increasing building values from 7.5% to 10.9%, especially with the more natural light and cleaner air. Sustainable buildings are cost-effective due to the efficiency in reducing operation cost by 13.6%, up from 8-9% and maintenance costs, as well as by lowering utility bills. Green construction methods can be integrated into buildings at any stage, from design and construction, to renovation and deconstruction. However, the most significant benefits can be obtained if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project. Green building benefits can be pinpointed to:

Environmental benefits
• Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
• Improve air and water quality
• Reduce solid waste
• Conserve natural resources

Economic benefits
• Reduce operating costs
• Enhance asset value and profits
• Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
• Optimize life-cycle economic performance

Health and community benefits
• Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments
• Enhance occupant comfort and health
• Minimize strain on local infrastructure
• Contribute to overall quality of life



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